AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion
AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion
AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion
AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion
AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion
AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion
AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion

AEG L1815 5200mAh 18V lit-ion


Capacity: 5200mAh
Voltage: 18V
Cells type: lit-on
Cells brand: Sony
Condition: New
Warranty:  24 months

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The battery fits the following power tools AEG

◾ BBM 18 STX ◾ BFL 18 ◾ BHO 18 ◾ BKS 18 ◾ BMS 18 C ◾ BMS 18C ◾ BS 18 C ◾ BS 18 G ◾ BS 18C ◾ BS 18G ◾ BS18C ◾ BSB 18 ◾ BSB 18 LI ◾ BSB 18 STX ◾ BSB 18G ◾ BSS 18 C ◾ BSS 18C ◾ BST 18 X ◾ BST 18X ◾ BUS 18 ◾ BUS 18 X ◾ RIDGID 130383001 ◾ RIDGID 130383025 ◾ RIDGID 130383028 ◾ RIDGID R840084 ◾


Replaces batteries with the markings:

◾ L1815R ◾ L1830R ◾


If you have not found your device or battery model in the list above, please write to us with using contact form. Our sales department will help you find the right battery or suggest a different solution.

Battery capacity
Battery voltage
Cell type
Cell brand
New, tested
24 months
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1) The accurate working temperature
Batteries suffer very badly at extreme temperatures. If you want to extend the life of your battery, you should avoid overloading it too much. If your battery works for a very long time, that's why it is probably very hot. It is wise to pull it out of the device and wait 10-15 minutes until it cools down.

2) Battery overcharge
If you want your batteries to have a very long life, you should also avoid their deep discharge. If during daily work on the battery you see a fairly large decrease in the efficiency of the device powered by the battery, you should stop its work as soon as possible and connect the battery to the charger.

3) Battery rest
You must also remember that the discharged battery for proper operation needs about 5 minutes of "free charging" before connecting to ”normal” charging. During "free charging" our battery temperature will drop significantly which will obviously have a very beneficial effect during subsequent charging.

4) Appropriate storage of the battery
The life of batteries is also greatly influenced by their proper storage. If you are not going to use the battery in the near future, it is worth charging it for the level 60-70%. Charged battery should be put in a safe place with temperature above zero.

5) Battery formatting
If you have batteries based on popular NiCd cells, you should also remember that it is possible that the so-called "memory effect" may occur. Batteries with NiCd cells should be discharged at least once every three cycles, and then charged to 100% level. Through these actions you will keep the maximum capacity of the battery.

Frequently asked questions... and answers :-)

If my previous battery was NiCd and now I have NiMh, will my old charger work properly?
Batteries that have been built on both NiCD and NiMh cells can work in the same voltage ranges. They also have the same charging current. Thus practically every NiCd charger can also operate a NiMh battery. In case of any questions or doubts about the charger or batteries, please contact our customer service department.

Is it necessary to remove the battery from the device each time after work is completed?
Warto pamiętać, iż jeżeli nasz akumulator nie jest aktualnie używany, może pozostać w urządzeniu. Należy przy tym mieć świadomość, iż pozostawiając go tam na dłużej, może się rozładować. Dlatego istotne jest, aby naładować go do minimum 60%, jeżeli nie chcemy aby uległ rozładowaniu.

Guaranteed battery life
The guaranteed operating time on a given battery depends on the battery load at a given time. For example, if you use a battery for screwdriving, you will need less energy for this than, when working with a chain saw, and therefore, the operating time may be longer. Unfortunately, power tool such as chainsaws have a current flow of more than 25A, so the working time is shorter.

What is the difference between NiCd and NiMh batteries?
Newer models are NiMh cells. Their main advantage is the fact that they have a higher energy density as well as the lack of memory effect. Thus, in contrast to NiCd batteries, a newer model can be recharged at any time, without losing capacity.

If the purchase battery does not match my power tool, can I return it?
We have been selling on the Internet for many years, for this reason situations like this are not new to us. Thus, in order to meet the expectations of our customers and not to cause them any problems, anyone who has bought a product from us can return it within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Brand: Sony
Mark: VTC5
Capacity: 2600mAh
Nominal voltage: 3,6V
Maximum discharge current: 35A
Warranty: 24 months


Ogniwo Sony używane akumulatorach Ogniwo Sony używane akumulatorach Ogniwo Sony używane akumulatorach

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