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It is a proven and proven fact that those who rely on electric mobility are not following the rapidly changing trend, but are investing in a sustainable future. The main heart of the operation of various electrical appliances, from home appliances to cars, is, of course, the battery. It is very important to protect this heart from disastrous external conditions or shocks.

Our company has been specializing in protecting DeWalt batteries for many years. We offer enclosures that combine three main advantages: they are safe, economical and, above all, durable. Plastic enclosures allow for complete freedom in designing shapes adapted to the needs of a given battery. By integrating functions such as fasteners and temperature management components, the number of individual housing components can be significantly reduced. At the same time, this simplifies the assembly and ensures that the battery is well protected, with little effort and cost. The package also includes a functional button for the DeWalt battery.

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