Ingersoll Rand

Regeneration of batteries for Ingersoll Rand power tools
Ingersoll Rand

Regeneration Ingersoll Rand 12V li-ion

From zł26.02
Brand of regenerated battery: Ingersoll Rand Voltage: 12V Cells number : 4 Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months/24 months 
Ingersoll Rand

Regeneration Ingersoll Rand 40V li-ion

From zł130.08
Brand of regenerated battery: Ingersoll RandVoltage: 40V Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand:  Samsung /Sony Warranty: 12 months/24 months 
Ingersoll Rand

Regeneration Ingersoll Rand 20V li-ion

From zł32.52
Brand of regenerated battery: Ingersoll Rand Voltage: 20V Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months/24 months 
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Ingersoll Rand is a well-known manufacturer of electric tools. The products offered by the company are intended for both specialists and ordinary laymen. The company's offer includes a really wide range of products and services, so it's no wonder that we can also find a proposal for reconditioning Ingersoll Rand batteries there. If we are aware of the costs that are necessary to buy a new battery, we will certainly notice that this proposal allows you to save a significant amount of money - and it must be added that the service is also highly effective.

How does Ingersoll Rand battery recovery work?

At the very beginning, please contact us by filling out the form. This speeds up the execution of the order, because the form contains information such as the parameters of the equipment, so that after receiving it, we know exactly what we are dealing with! The regeneration process begins when the battery is delivered to us.

The first step during the regeneration is to open the device, then remove the used cells from it. Next - there is a thorough cleaning both from the outside and inside. We conduct tests to check the correct operation of the battery and the sensor responsible for charging. If any complications arise as a result of the tests, we replace the damaged or worn parts. Later, it remains to install new cells and complete the equipment. The last thing we do is check if everything is working properly. The period of time we need depends on the number of orders and their type, but it should not be longer than a few days.

Guaranteed effectiveness.

Due to the fact that we only assemble new elements, after completion of the implementation, you receive a two-year product performance warranty. The skills gained by our team as a result of many years of experience in the industry allow us to be absolutely sure about the quality of our services. This is confirmed by numerous positive opinions from our customers, which confirm that the Ingersoll Rand battery regeneration positively affects its operation and meets all expectations.

What are the benefits of battery regeneration?

Profitability and ecology. It is much less expensive to regenerate the battery than to buy a new one. And for environmental reasons, battery regeneration helps protect nature from the negative impact of used batteries, the disposal process of which is extremely long and complicated - and the substances contained in the batteries can really do a great deal to the environment.

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