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If you are the owner of such equipment as forklifts, you certainly realize that over time individual elements of the equipment, including the battery, may wear out. Is it the same as replacing the equipment with a new one? Well no! A used forklift battery can be regenerated, which allows you to change the power and capacity of the device, and which is also very important, allows you to save a lot of money. The primary purpose of regenerating a forklift battery is to bring it to a state that allows it to be reused. Only the cells are replaced, while the housing remains unchanged. For the equipment to continue to function reliably, battery regeneration must be carried out in several stages. After opening the battery and disassembling used cells, they should be subjected to a detailed and thorough inspection, starting with careful cleaning of the housing, and ending with installing a new cell package and closing the battery again. In order to assess the efficiency of the battery after regeneration, it should be subjected to a special test that will allow us to assess whether its efficiency is appropriate. If the test is positive, the battery is ready to be used again. Battery regeneration saves money that would otherwise have to be spent on new equipment, but it is not the only advantage of regeneration. Thanks to it, we have the opportunity to keep the original housing and technical parts of the battery while increasing its capacity and power because we use new cells. When performing the service consisting in battery regeneration, it is possible to choose the target capacity and power, as well as to choose a specific company whose cells will be installed in the regenerated battery. A professionally performed service will ensure that no traces of the activities performed will be visible on the battery casing, and the battery itself will serve us for a long time.

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