Flex battery regeneration
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Brand of regenerated battery: Flex Voltage: 10,8V  Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months
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Brand of regenerated battery: Flex Voltage: 18V Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months
From zł137.00
Brand of regenerated battery: Flex Voltage: 24V  Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand:  Samsung /Sony Warranty: 12 months
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Battery life depends on many factors, in this case time is not an ally. Batteries, as an inseparable component of power tools, are also subject to wear. The recipe for decreasing battery capacity, and hence - its operating time, is regeneration. We offer the regeneration of the Flex battery, this treatment will effectively extend the battery life, giving it a new life, and will allow you to enjoy a longer time of using your power tools.

How is Flex battery reconditioning?

This is a process which includes:

- battery opening
- checking the battery electronics
- welding a new package of cells
- battery test
- closing the battery housing

Refurbished battery or new original? The answer is simple!

The most important factor in deciding that it is better to refurbish than to buy a new battery is primarily the price. The battery regeneration service can be more than twice cheaper than buying a new, original battery. Another feature that characterizes regenerated batteries is the capacity of the cells. The capacity is often larger, which translates into the comfort of use.

How long does it take to regenerate my Flex battery?

The time needed for regeneration is shorter for a 7.2V-18V battery and should not exceed 2-3 working days. As for the 24V-36V batteries, the time needed to regenerate them is up to 5 working days. We try to approach each client with maximum commitment and professionalism, which is why the battery regeneration process may be slightly longer in the case of a large number of orders.

Lupo Batteries offers a professional battery regeneration service, including Flex batteries. We have all the necessary competences to perform such a service and tools that shorten the time of battery regeneration to the necessary minimum. All the batteries we regenerate are covered by a written warranty, giving you the assurance that the service we provide is characterized by reliability and a professional approach to the customer. The warranty is from 6 to 24 months, and this period depends on the choice of cells that are to be used for regeneration.

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