Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras
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Regeneration of batteries for thermal imaging cameras

Wear of power tool elements, contrary to appearances, does not necessarily mean the necessity to replace the equipment with a new one. Regeneration not only saves a lot of money, but also allows you to make specific changes to the capacity and power of the device.

What is battery regeneration and what are its benefits?

The purpose of regeneration is to bring the battery into a state that will allow it to be reused. Only the cells are replaced - the housing remains unchanged. Battery regeneration takes place in several stages. Starting with opening it, disassembling already used cells and carrying out their careful, detailed inspection, going through careful cleaning of the housing, and ending with installing a new package of cells prepared in advance and assembling the battery. After the regeneration is completed, the battery is subjected to a special test to assess its efficiency. After this test, the battery is ready to be used again.

Thanks to battery regeneration, we can save quite a lot of money that we would have to spend on buying a new device. Regeneration not only makes it possible to keep the original housing and technical parts of the battery, but also allows you to increase its power and capacity thanks to the use of completely new cells. It is possible to choose both the target capacity and power as well as the specific company whose cells will be mounted to it. A professionally performed regeneration service guarantees that there will be no visible traces on the battery housing and that the battery itself will be fit for use again.

Battery regeneration and warranty

The regenerated battery will be able to be used for a long time. However, it should be remembered that a lot depends both on the frequency and quality of its use and the manner in which it is stored. After regeneration, a well-used battery can serve us for a very long time.

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