Geodetic devices

Geodetic devices
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Batteries powering modern geodetic devices have a limited lifetime. This is due to the natural aging process of the cells used. An alternative to purchasing new, efficient power packs is the regeneration of the existing batteries. The regeneration process itself takes place in several stages. After its completion, we receive new, efficient power supply batteries. Very often with better parameters than the company's parameters. Thanks to the use of modern cells, it is possible to obtain a much greater capacity and thus longer working time on a single charge. This saves time, has a positive effect on the comfort of work and proves the professionalism of the person performing the measurements.

Thanks to the use of the original housing, we have a guarantee that the regenerated power source will fit the dedicated device. Proven electronics and updated software controlling the charging process have a positive effect on the service life of refurbished batteries. The ecological aspect is also important. Each regenerated battery means less rainfall.

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