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The Fujiwara company produces high-quality power tools, and its main specialty is batteries. Despite the fact that they are characterized by a very high resistance to mechanical damage, after some time they may stop fulfilling their tasks properly. In such a situation, it is imperative that the problem be solved as quickly as possible. One option is, of course, to dispose of the non-working equipment and buy a new model, but such an investment is usually unprofitable. When dealing with a broken battery, it is best to regenerate it, because this process is not only cheaper, but also more beneficial for the environment.

Fujiwara battery regeneration consists of several phases. First, the delivered device is opened, and then the used cells are disassembled. Then a new package of cells is assembled and if the other components, including the thermistor and resistors, do not have any defects, the housing can be screwed together. The final step in the regeneration process is to test the repaired device. The lack of irregularities in the operation of the equipment proves that the procedure was successful and the device can be returned to its owner.

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