Welding accessories

Welding accessories

Regeneration Fujikura 13,2V

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Brand of the remanufactured battery: Fujikura Voltage: 13.2V Cell type: NiMh Warranty: 12 months
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Although in the 21st century there is a belief that it is cheaper to buy a part than repairing it, the remanufacturing of welding accessory batteries is still a common practice. Equally important - the procedure is of great importance to the publicized topic of ecology, because it reduces the risk of throwing out specific parts for the benefit of their renewal and strengthening.

What is the regeneration of batteries for welding accessories?

This type of treatment is nothing more than an action taken to restore the functional properties of the damaged or worn out parts such as the battery. The process of regenerating batteries for welding accessories allows you to save up a costly part, and at the same time postpone the purchase of a completely new one. The procedure is cheaper, and very often it turns out to be a long-term procedure.

The process is used to fortify components that may only seem to be thrown away. Also remember that regeneration is a method that allows you to keep the original battery used in specific welding accessories, which is important when the device is already manufactured in a different form.

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