Battery regeneration for Fujikura welding machines

Regeneration Fujikura 13,2V

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Brand of the remanufactured battery: Fujikura Voltage: 13.2V Cell type: NiMh Warranty: 12 months
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Battery regeneration is a procedure involving the replacement of old cells and checking the electronics. As a result, the battery regains its factory efficiency, and in some cases it is even possible to increase it (this happens when during regeneration older and less modern types of cells are replaced with new generation cells).

Our company specializes in the regeneration of batteries for power tools of various types. We deal, among other things, with the regeneration of Fujikura batteries.

Fujikura is a Japanese company known, among others from the production of optical fibers and optical cables as well as other cables and power cables. Another segment of his activity is the production of devices for processing optical fibers. In Poland, they are very popular, among others Fujikura fiber optic welders, cutters and welding machines. Therefore, there is a great demand on the market for the regeneration of batteries that power these power tools.

Why regenerate batteries?

The gradual decrease in battery performance is a natural process inherent in the use of the device which is powered by it. When the battery ceases to perform its function, we have three options: replacement with a new, original (if possible), buying a replacement or regenerating the old battery. Why is it worth choosing this third option? There are several reasons.

  1. Refurbishing a Fujikura battery, like other batteries, is cheaper than replacing.
  2. Battery regeneration is an ecological solution. Of course, the most problematic from an environmental point of view are the battery cells, which have to be replaced anyway. However, its entire housing remains, thus not contributing to the increase in waste.
  3. By leaving the original electronics and housing, we can be sure that our "new-old" battery will be fully compatible with our device. If we used a replacement for it, we might have a problem with that.
  4. High quality of cells used by our company to regenerate batteries. Among them are, among others Sony and Samsung cells.

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