Diagnostic devices

Diagnostic devices
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The regeneration of individual components in diagnostic devices is an ideal alternative to their replacement. Such solutions are dedicated, among others, to batteries. In this case, it is necessary to replace the cells and perform a general inspection of all electronic components. The scope of actions taken includes opening the battery, disassembly of used cells and their inspection, as well as cleaning the battery structure. The regeneration of batteries for diagnostic devices allows them to be reused, and it is certainly a more profitable solution. The use of new cells in batteries also leads to an increase in their power and capacity. When ordering a regeneration service, attention is paid to the target capacity, as well as the choice of a specific manufacturer. The entire service is usually guaranteed - from 6 to 24 months - depending on the manufacturer.

The advantages of remanufacturing batteries for diagnostic devices include savings in resources and the possibility of preserving the original structure and electrical parts. The new cells are mounted in the housing, which is then properly folded - to the original appearance. In the final stage, a test of the regenerated battery is carried out, thanks to which the efficiency of its operation is assessed.

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