Gas nailers

Gas nailers
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What are gas nailers for

Gas nailers are devices necessary for work performed by a carpenter or roofer. Thanks to them, nails are hammered quickly, always to the same depth. They are compact, easy to carry, and their use greatly reduces the time of work performed.

Schematic diagram of a gas nailer

Nail application with a gas nailer takes place thanks to the bursts in their chamber. The gas is injected from a special container, and a spark is emitted from a battery spark which generates an explosion. As a result, a large amount of gases are released, which, through expansion, push the nail with great force. This device works great when working on concrete or other heavy material. When the gas canister is used up, it is replaced with a new one. With the passage of time, however, the working equipment wears out, is worn out or even damaged.

Gas nailer battery regeneration

Regeneration also applies to devices such as battery. Regeneration consists in opening the battery. Then, the used cells should be disassembled (they are the weakest element of the whole set) and inspected. It also cleans the battery casing, which is not replaced. The replaced cells form a new package to be mounted. They are welded together in such a way that their installation is possible in a given type of battery. The electronics are also not replaced. She is also checked. After the inspection, the previously welded cells are mounted in the housing. The housing is folded back. The regenerated battery is subjected to a test to assess its efficiency. Thanks to the regeneration of the battery, we save money, and the received warranty will allow for a long use of the equipment.

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