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Proscenic batteries for cordless vacuum cleaners provide energy for these devices. They provide long-term electricity in this company's vacuum cleaners and make cleaning easier.

These batteries do not get hot during use. They are completely safe and comply with all conditions and regulations regarding the rules of use. They have large capacities and can work continuously. Their replacement is very simple. Disassembly takes place with one press of a button. After inserting a new battery, the mechanism will engage by itself and the tool is ready for further use.

Proscenic batteries use lithium-ion technology. Achieved capacities reach up to 2500 mAh. Such values ​​successfully allow you to use cordless vacuum cleaners for more than one hour. These machines, thanks to the batteries, generate a power of 450 W. It makes vacuuming extremely effective. Due to the lack of cabling, we can be sure that no cables will get tangled during everyday duties.

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