Regeneration of Deik vacuum cleaner batteries
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The importance of Deik vacuum cleaners is something that hardly needs explaining. The vacuum cleaner itself is very important, and Deik is a company that focuses on the highest quality. However, we must remember that sooner or later it is necessary to buy a new battery - Deik batteries have their durability. There is also an alternative, i.e. regeneration - Deik regeneration is a cheaper solution than buying a battery. Moreover, cheaper does not mean worse. Suffice it to say that regeneration is an opportunity to gain more capacity than the factory one. The process itself is relatively simple - opening the battery, replacing all old cells with new ones and reprogramming the control electronics. It is also worth remembering that it is very important to leave the original electronics and housing. This approach translates into complete compatibility, work safety and fitting. When using substitutes, you have to reckon with the fact that problems may arise.

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