Regeneration of Viega power tool batteries
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Brand of regenerated battery: ViegaVoltage: 18V Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand:  Samsung /Sony Warranty: 12 months
From zł120.00
Brand of regenerated battery: ViegaVoltage: 14,4V Cells type: NiCd/NiMh Cells brand: Lishen/Panasonic Warranty: 12 months/24 months
From zł34.00
Brand of regenerated battery: Viega Voltage: 14,4V Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months
From zł120.00
Brand of regenerated battery: Viega Voltage: 14,4V Cells type: NiCd/NiMh Cells brand: Lishen/Panasonic Warranty: 12 months/24 months
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As a battery manufacturer for many years, we offer the option of battery regeneration service. Viega is one of the component manufacturers that we successfully repair.

Advantages of regeneration

Regeneration has two main advantages. The first and main one is the possibility of financial savings. This is definitely a cheaper process than buying a new battery. This does not mean, however, worse work quality. We will not feel any difference. The second advantage is supporting ecology through regeneration. Thanks to it, we do not create waste. Broken batteries that are thrown into the trash cause enormous pollution because they decay for many years. By using their components and housing we have a chance to significantly extend their life.

Viega - a trusted brand

All Viega products are marked by a commitment to the highest quality. This brand has been operating for 120 years and to this day cares about the high standard of products. Together with the prestige of this brand goes hand in hand functionality, high quality and practicality. It enjoys recognition among DIY enthusiasts and amateurs, but also professionals. Thanks to the high standard of Viega products and their power components, we are able to regenerate this company's batteries. After the service has been carried out by us, the effectiveness is increased and their service life is extended.

Viega battery regeneration process

At the time of the order, regeneration services are started. It is possible to "add it to the basket" on the website of our online store, by choosing the appropriate battery model, as well as cells or traditional sending a package with a dead product to our address. When the goods are delivered to the hands of our employees, at first the housing is opened, then the links are disassembled, after which we thoroughly clean the internal and external parts of the housing. Moving to the assembly of cells, we provide you with high quality, because they are brand new, and also produced only by trusted manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung or Sanyo. The cells are tested in our company, and if necessary, we also repair the resistor and thermistor .

Guaranteed reliability

We provide high quality, but remembering your rights, Viega regeneration has a written guarantee of quality. The cells we install have a 12- or 24-month warranty period, which also obliges us to repair defects. We can repair post-warranty faults. After regeneration, the Viega component is always properly tested by us. The next stage is packaging, which we approach with special care so that there is no risk of damage during transport. We deal with orders from all over Poland, and the duration of our service usually does not exceed 3-4 business days, depending on the number of orders accepted and the type of battery we regenerate.

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