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A true professional needs efficient, reliable and efficient power tools. However, their regular use over time negatively affects the battery life. It gradually discharges faster and faster, and finally it is no longer able to function properly, which makes work very difficult. However, it is possible to save the battery from complete wear and tear and avoid the high cost of having to purchase a new one. It is a regeneration service, which we perform quickly and efficiently on our website.

Regeneration of Novopress batteries for power tools consists in replacing all worn cells with completely new ones that guarantee long-term life, which are placed in the battery, attached to the contacts and connected to its electronic system. We use the highest quality cells, which gives our customers the certainty of their reliability. Our experts, using professional equipment, also perform comprehensive checks of battery resistors and thermistors, and in the event of wear or damage to any of the elements, it is also replaced.

The safety of using the refurbished Novopress battery and its compatibility with a given tool is guaranteed by leaving the original casing in which the cells are placed. However, the housing is thoroughly cleaned both inside and out. We attach great importance to every detail, so after the regeneration process is completed, the battery is thoroughly tested. All this to confirm its full functionality with new cells installed inside.

Reconditioning of batteries Novopress is a solution that is much more profitable from an economic point of view than buying a new battery, and at the same time does not compromise the battery capacity and the safety of its use.

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