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Regeneration Briggs&Stratton 10,8V

From zł48.78
Brand of regenerated battery: Briggs & Stratton Voltage: 10,8V Cells number : 3 Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months
Regeneration of batteries for power tools

Regeneration Briggs & Stratton Murray 18V 883253

From zł32.52
Brand of regenerated battery: Briggs & StrattonVoltage: 18V Cells number : 5/10  Cells type: Li-ion Cells brand: Samsung/Sony Warranty: 12 months 
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Devices need a suitable power source to function properly. When it is absent, even the most modern equipment will be useless. It is for this reason that the proper functioning of batteries and accumulators is so important. Durable batteries and motors are supplied by high-quality distributors such as Briggs & Stratton. However, long-term use may cause the battery to require replacement or appropriate regeneration.

Do not throw away used batteries - reclaim them

In most cases, users throw away a device for the first time and replace it with a new one. However, a better solution in this case may be the regeneration of Briggs & Stratton batteries. Our company deals with quick and efficient replacement of already used cells, batteries and accumulators with new ones. The use of only brand-name cells means that the devices after regeneration will serve for a long time.

What is Briggs & Stratton remanufacturing?

The whole process of regeneration boils down to replacing worn-out cells and replacing them with new ones. the battery or battery is opened, the cells are removed from it, and after cleaning and checking other parts, new cells are installed. After they are welded, the efficiency of the thermistor and resistors is also checked. Should these parts require replacement, they are also replaced with new ones. Using only the highest quality cells for this purpose guarantees the effectiveness and long life of the batteries.

Advantages of Briggs & Stratton remanufacturing

There are many advantages to having Briggs & Stratton equipment reconditioned. This is definitely a cheaper option than buying brand new equipment. Especially when the old battery may still work for months or years. Regeneration is an environmentally friendly solution because using it reduces the used raw materials and also the produced waste.

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