MacAllister battery regeneration

Regeneration Bosch 18V NiCd/NiMh

From zł150.00
Brand of regenerated battery: BoschVoltage: 18V Cells number : 15  Cells type: NiCd/NiMh Cells brand: Lishen/Panasonic Warranty: 12 months/24 months

Regeneration MacAllister 14,4V NiCd/NiMh

From zł120.00
Brand of regenerated battery: MacAllister Voltage: 14,4V Cells type: NiCd/NiMh Cells brand: Lishen/Panasonic Warranty: 12 months/24 months
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Accumulators and batteries will not last forever because they are subject to the same wear and tear as the tools with which they supply energy. Consumption of the energy source in MacAllister tools can be very easily recognized by the fact that your devices, despite being fully charged, stop working after just a few minutes of continuous operation. If symptoms of battery wear are noticed, then it should be replaced or subjected to the regeneration process, which will consist in replacing old cells with new ones.

Do we have to discard used batteries?

It is quite natural that anyone who notices the battery low should throw it away and get a new one. However, this is definitely not the only solution and in many cases not the cheapest. An alternative will be to regenerate the battery. Our company takes care of replacing used cells in MacAllister batteries.

How are used MacAllister accumulators and batteries recovered?

Recovering used MacAllister batteries will require replacing old cells with new, fully functional ones. For this purpose, the battery casing is opened, used cells are removed, and the technical condition of the rest of the parts, especially resistors and thermistor, is checked. If necessary, exchange them for new ones as well. Later, after any parts that require replacement, the inside of the battery is cleaned. Then new cells are placed in the housing and welded.

Why would it be worth regenerating a MacAllister battery?

Cell wear is much faster than the rest of the battery. Used batteries and MacAllister batteries are, in most cases, fully functional and fit for further use, so throwing them away only because their cells have become worn out, can safely be considered waste. Regeneration is also much cheaper than buying a completely new energy source. It is also worth emphasizing that cell regeneration is a friendly solution not only for our wallet, but also for the natural environment.

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